Deemark Herbal Oil review

My name is Ravishankar and I have written this article to share my personal experience which I had with the product Deemark Herbal Hair oil which is the best Hair growth oil.

When I was 23 years old I was experiencing a very bad hair fall. When I used to Comb I used to get 14-15 hairs stuck in the comb. Then I really started worrying. I used several options available in the market to stop hair fall like Indulekha oil, Bringa oil, coconut oil etc. as I was looking for the best Hair growth oil. I knew that these oils will not help to regrow hairs; however they put up big advertisements on TV and other media that these are the best Hair growth oils, but at least I expected that it will stop my hair fall, unfortunately, and shockingly it didn’t stop my hair fall.

Then I saw a TV advertisement for Deemark Herbal Hair Oil which assured every viewers that it is herbal hair growth oil, I thought I should give it a try as I had already purchased so many hair growth oil to stop hair fall with no result so I should try this hair growth oil as well, because in the advertisement they were assured that it will not even stop hair fall but continuous use of this oil will help in regrowth of new hairs so I ordered the product by giving call on the given number in advertisement.

I got the product and I started using Deemark herbal Hair growth oil continuously for 3 weeks. I started noticing that my hair fall was reduced, when I used to comb my hair, I used to get only 3 to 4 hairs stuck in the comb and ultimately my hair became thick.

After 2 months of continuous using of Deemark Herbal hair oil I noticed in some parts of my head where there were less hairs now I could see more hairs, this actually happened to me with this Hair growth oil and I was so happy now I regularly use Deemark Herbal hair oil.

I want to share the fact that Deemark Herbal hair oil may not give 100% result to each and every person. It depends upon person to person, those who are completely bald it will not work on them because for each and everybody problems there are 3 different stages.

Stage 1

For example: If a person is experiencing hair fall and in the first stage itself he/she starts taking precautions like consulting a doctor or using hair growth oil (but it should be an Ayurveda product) will definitely help in controlling hair fall completely and give new hairs as well.

Stage 2

If a person won’t do anything in the first stage to control hair fall and then in the second stage using hair growth oil will give only 25% to 50% result, because at this stage our body has already started experiencing hair fall and by not taking precautions we have already given a good amount of time to allow the disease to spread on our body.

Stage 3

At this stage even if we use all types of products let it be Ayurveda or any other hair growth oil or medicine it will give only 5 to 10% result because at this stage anything can happen, it also depends upon your hormone level.

At this stage we have already spent hell lot of time doing nothing means not taken precautions or medicines or Hair growth oil to stop hair fall, now this disease is all over our head and it is impossible to stop the same.

I have given you these examples to make you understand in a better way that do not just ignore things, if you are facing any problem, especially hair fall then try to do everything which gives you the better result in the first stage itself rather than just ignoring things and suddenly act in the third stage which will not give you any result at all.

As per my experience, Deemark Herbal Hair oil is the best hair growth oil to control hair fall and hair regrowth.

Along with this I also would like you people to know that when you are purchasing this product online make sure you get the oil which is within expiry date, because at once when I ordered Deemark herbal hair oil through shopclues.com I got the product in the month of April 2015 but the expiry of that product was July 2015 which was only for 3 months.

After 3 months I ordered it through flipkart and I immediately send the image of the expired product through the mail which I purchased previously through shopclues and informed them that I do not want expiring or about to expire Deemark Herbal hair oil.

Flipkart delivered my product in 2015 and the expiry of the product was of 2017 so Flipkart has given me the product for which the product was valid till 2 years.

You can apply the Deemark herbal hair oil in the night before you sleep and keep it overnight and wash your hair early in the morning. Use it continuously for at least 2 months for the better result as this is the best Hair growth oil.

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